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Process Sequence for Bottom Dishcarge Peeler Type Centrifuge

  1. Peeling : Machine Start with Peeling ( Or sometimers called Scrapping ) cycle so as to level the material from previous cycle and balance the basket and prepare the basket for the next cycle.

  2. Slurry Feeding : The slurry is fed by pump or gravity feed to the rotating basket having a filter bag. The filter bag retains the solids. Centrifugal force drives the mother liquor through the caked solids and the mother liquor is discharged through holes in the basket periphery.

  3. Washing : A suitable wash liquid is introduced to washpipe via spray nozzles in to the cake solids. The wash liquid purifies the solids and removes residual mother liquor.

  4. Drying : Basket speed is increasing to drying speed. Residual liquors are driven from the caked solids and are discharged through the basket holes to achieve maximum cake dryness.

  5. Discharge : The filter bag containing the solids is removed from the basket via either single stage or double stage scrapper, ( scrapping ) and discharge the solids into a receiver at bottom

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