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Drying of Distillers Grain Solids in Horizontal Peeler Centrifuge

WHIRLER Horizontal Peeler Centrifuge for Drying Distillers Grain Solids (DGS)

WHIRLER Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges are a type of centrifuge designed for efficient dewatering and drying of solids from slurries. They are particularly well-suited for handling Distillers Grain Solids (DGS), a co-product of the ethanol production process. DGS is a wet, cakey material that requires significant dewatering to be usable as an animal feed or fuel source.

In a WHIRLER centrifuge, DGS slurry is fed into the rotating bowl where centrifugal force separates the solids from the liquid. The solids accumulate on the bowl wall, while the clarified liquid exits through perforations or nozzles. A horizontal screw conveyor, or "peeler," continuously removes the dewatered solids from the bowl, preventing them from building up and reducing efficiency.

WHIRLER centrifuges offer several advantages for drying DGS:

High dewatering efficiency: WHIRLER centrifuges can achieve high solids dryness, reducing the need for further drying processes.

Continuous operation: The continuous removal of solids by the peeler screw allows for uninterrupted processing.

Reduced energy consumption: Compared to other drying methods, WHIRLER centrifuges offer lower energy consumption.

Gentle on solids: The horizontal design and controlled residence time minimize degradation of DGS particles.

Overall, WHIRLER Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges are a reliable and efficient solution for drying Distillers Grain Solids, offering significant benefits for ethanol producers.

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