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Decanter Centrifuge Life Cycle & Maintenance

A well maintained WHIRLER Decanter Centrifuge can last really long. Some of our first centrifuge are still running, since their installation 30+ years ago, with operating hours >100000.

While there may be many parameters that can affect life span of the decanter centrifuge, Primary reason for life span reduction of the decanter centrifuge are as follows.

A ) Wrong Material Selection : Most of centrifuge used in water treatment industry comes with SS304 or SS316 material. However, proper matching with decanter material of construction ( MOC ) and input material is of paramount importance.

B) Erosion Protection : All high wear parts and location in decanter centrifuge are usually protected with Stellite. Which is weldable ( and hence, on-site repairable ) erosion protection. Not only that, it also provide strong chemical erosion protection. However, it is strongly recommended to periodically check for wear in such area and re-apply stellite welding protection whenever necessary for longer life span of the machine.

C) Capacity : While Decanter Centrifuge are good at running at fluctuating load, Running Decanter for under or over capacity than that it was designed and installed for, for a longer time, can reduce life of the parts. Either one should upgrade the machine to newer bigger one or add more machine to compensate for increase in demand.

D) Electrical Controls : Advancement in electrical, electronics and automation is very fast, and usually the electrical control that are supplied with the machine are obsolete much earlier than centrifuge. Regular up-gradation of Electrical controls not only gives better efficiency, but provide better maintainability of the electrical parts.

In the end, A decanter centrifuge is very repairable, ( and thats why you can find lots of refurbished decanters in the market ). Whirler provide state of the art repair service to any decanter centrifuge of any make.

Contact us at +91 9426419038 for your any kind of decanter centrifuge related inquiry.

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